General Release

I, the undersigned, release you, the inspector identified below, from any liability for any claims I may have (or may later discover) against you arising out of your inspection of my property. The terms below govern this release.

  1. In return for this release, you have paid me $_____. I understand this will be the sole consideration for this release.
  2. I understand that your agreement to pay me in return for this release is not an admission of fault and is a compromise of a disputed claim.
  3. This release applies to your subsidiaries and their respective principals, affiliates, related entities, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, employees and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.  I release them all.
  4. I sign this release on behalf of myself and all others with an interest in the property and/or the claims, and I represent that I am authorized to do so. This document shall be binding on my heirs, successors, and assigns.
  5. The terms of this settlement are confidential. Neither party may disclose the terms of this settlement, except pursuant to a subpoena or as required by law. The parties agree not to disparage each other in any way, in any form. I will make no public statements of any kind pertaining to the inspector or the inspection, except pursuant to a subpoena or as required by law. I will remove any comments I have posted about the inspection or the inspector from any online website, and refrain from ever making any such comments.
  6. This release contains the entire agreement between us on this matter. There are no other terms or promises that are not set forth in this release.
  7. If I bring an action in violation of this release and do not prevail, or if I breach the terms of paragraph 5, I agree to pay your reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in any related legal action.         

    Amount to be paid:

    Payable to :

    EMT to email address :

    Property Address :

    After successful submission, a copy of the General Release will be forward to your email by your inspector.